Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Friend

My computer background reads, "She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future".  It's there to inspire me, a goal I can only hope to achieve.  However, this definition could easily describe my precious friend, Ashley.
She celebrates her ?? birthday today:)  Happy Birthday, Ash!  Even though I'm a little older...just a little...she is a beautiful example strength, grace, and kindness.  Through life's tragedies, it's so easy to become angry and resentful.  My friend has shown such peace and dignity through difficult circumstances.  Just watching her live her life is an inspiration to me everyday.  When I start to have a "pity party" , her example reminds me that things really aren't so bad.
We may go several weeks without talking(our daily afternoon calls are few and far between, since our children's schedule's consume us), but we always pick up where we left off.  Being her friend is so easy, and there's no pressure to be something I'm not.  I could only hope she feels the same about me:)  
I miss our "choir practice chats", the "looks" we would flash each other if we saw something amusing, and so much more.  As teenagers, I'm not sure who hated early mornings more, Ashley or me.  We would get up to get dressed on Sunday mornings and neither one of us would speak until we were in the car on the way to church.  My stomach turns just thinking about all of those late night runs to Taco Bell...Chili Cheese Burrito anyone?   I'm still not sure what possessed us to tan on her roof for all to see! Ha!  Anything for a little tan:)
Even with the changes in friendship, true friends will always be there.  We may not talk everyday, but we are still as close as ever.  That's true friendship! 
I love you, Ashley.  Happy Birthday to the strongest woman I know.  Thank you for being a true example of strength and grace.  

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