Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trusting When We Don't Understand

"This trial does not feel good; I don't like it, but I believe that all things are working together for good" are words that were spoken often by my father in law.  Wayne truly believed these words with every fiber of his being.  Any chance he would get, he would instill this and other principles into his family, his children and his friends.  
You hear people talk all the time about having faith.  But, do they really have it?  It's very easy to have it when life is good, the kids are getting along, the bills are getting paid, when our health is good, etc.  Going through tough times and trials will always test how much faith we truly have.
Wayne was so consistent with his faith.  It never wavered.  He acted the same no matter what was going on.  His face always wore a smile.  When he smiled at you, it was genuine and not surface. He could look at a person with all of their "baggage" and it didn't matter.  He could see beyond that, to their true potential. 
Yes, Wayne had given me countless advice and guidance, but what I've really learned from him, came from watching the way he lived his life.  He didn't just talk it....He walked it.  He believed it.  He got it.  Wayne had true faith.  
We may never understand God's timing, and I'm pretty sure we often will not like it.  My father in law was the greatest example of "Trusting When We Don't Understand".
Our family was shaken to the core on March 31, 2012.  However, even through our devastation we honestly believe that this was for a purpose...a GREAT PURPOSE.  I know for fact, Wayne wanted to live a life a purpose.... he did, until his last breath.
Wayne was a loving husband, father, world's greatest father in law, son, Poppy, brother, uncle, and friend  that has left a huge void in our lives.  We will miss him terribly. 
Until we meet again, Wayne, We'll miss you and We love you!