Monday, February 27, 2012

Guarding My Heart and Emily's School Play

Last week in one of my devotionals, I read, "Integrity is only established when it becomes clear to everyone that progress, financial reward and recognition are not important...".
It really hit home for me.  I've always wanted to be seen as a woman of integrity, but have I been acting and making decisions as one?  Of course, I want to be seen that way with people I encounter everyday and everyone in my life.  But, what really matters most to me, is that my children see me that way.  I can only hope they don't see a difference between what I demand of others and what I demand of myself.  It will only damage their respect for me every time.  At any given time I am only one decision, one word or one action away from destroying what took a long time to build. 
 Leading and being the woman, wife, and mom I want to be doesn't come easy.  It is in those moments, however, that I learn a great deal about myself and I find out what I truly stand for.

"Above all else, guard your heart"

The prettiest "Gem" of all.
We had a full and exciting weekend.  Miss Emily Kate was the star of her school play...well, to me anyway:)
She did great on her song and dance and had the best time performing Friday and Saturday night with her friends.
I was able to take a few pictures before and after the show.   
Mommy and the "star" of Aladdin Jr.
I'll have to post the photos of her on stage later...due to Disney copyrights, we were not allowed to photograph the play.  Funny how a professional photographer was allowed to take pictures that we will be able to purchase:) 
Flowers for the "actress".

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  1. Aww..well said and beautiful photo of you and Emily! Congratulations to her on her play!