Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Star of the Show

Last night was the close of Emily's Dance classes for the year.  So bittersweet for me.  Happy to have once less place to be during the week. Sad that it means another year has passed.  The year has been so crazy, I can honestly say I wish I could "repeat" this year's ages of the girls.  Unfortunately, time stands still for no one...I can only enjoy the moment and not "wish" this precious time away.

Emily's hop hop dance was absolutely the best dance of the night.  They got the most applause of all the dances...I promise, I'm not being biased.  Their neon costumes screamed "the 1980's".  The side ponytails were just the icing on the cake.  J-Lo's "On the Floor" was a hit with the entire crowd.  

 I imagined Emily in some of the precious Tutu's and ballet dances that the other classes performed.  But, as soon as I thought it, I realized, "that is so not Emily".  It was confirmed after the recital, when she loudly announced in the lobby of the performing arts studio, "Mom, those ballet dances were so boring!"   We are still working on that "filter" thing:)

So proud of our little dancer.  As far as we were concerned, she was the star of the show!


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